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My Silly Fetish
Participants ONE

Artists work is depicted in order of arrival.


"My Silly Fetish - collecting bottles."

Kiyotei's Den (web site)

Artist(1) (above) - Kiyotei , Carlsbad CA. USA

Artist(3)(below) - Julie Philip, Kelowna, B.C. CANADA


"I have a collection of coconut (bowls, spoons and jewellery)"


"Look, which one is best?"

Artist(2) (above) - Vittore Baroni , Viareggio ITALY

Read about Vittore Baroni.

Artist(4) (below) - Flea ,Springfield IL. USA

Flea (web site)


Beautiful card with a painting under clear perspex.

Artist(5) (below) -
El Taller de Zenon
E-mail contribution

Web Site: El Taller de Zenon

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